Computer Science Student Funny Quotes

Looking for some computer science student quotes? There are many to be found on the Internet and in books. Here are some that I found interesting.

“A project is a waste of time if you cannot test, verify and analyze its results.” Sounds like a pretty simple principle to follow. But how many students really carry out Go Here their assignments and do the testing and analysis? If they don’t do the work, then it’s a waste of time and money.

Another popular computer science quote is, “Programming is like driving through the woods. If you want to get anywhere, you have to know where you’re going.” Again this seems pretty straight forward. However the quote gets more interesting when taken a little further. It teaches you not to assume where you’re going, but to use your GPS system to keep track of your progress. This is an example of a problem solving approach.

“A student should seek out trouble, not solutions. And he should learn from the mistakes that cost him.” Very similar to the previous quote. In this case the lesson is to avoid making the same mistakes again and try to do things right the first time. However as the student you must realize that solutions are always possible.

A final and very funny computer science quote is “A student can’t read before he reads. A student can’t write before he writes. A student can’t code before he writes. So why won’t you teach your students to code?”

This is a great quote for science teachers. The reason it is a great quote is because almost everyone knows or has heard this. What is funny here is that while the teacher is right in almost every sense, the student is wrong in at least one point. Yes, the teacher is right on the fundamental principles of science, in terms of how things work and what causes them to happen. But the student is missing the point of the quote.

The core of computer science is information science. Information science deals with all of the messy details that surround any particular event. Computer scientists analyze these messengers and try to find patterns and relationships between data. Funny, but true, so don’t be surprised if you spend much of your time doing analysis of satellite photos of the solar system and come away with a grand plan for the next generation of computer science projects.

One final funny quote is from an email I received recently: “Don’t get hung up on solving complex problems, just hang out with me and I’ll show you a cool way to solve a simple problem.” What a cute little saying this is. When I was in college I worked in the finance department of a small company. We had a department of loan officers, who were expected to find a way to calculate interest rates that were acceptable to their investors. Of course, being human, they got hung up on figuring out complicated formulas for those figures, and they often failed to do their jobs correctly.

In one famous case, the head of the loan department took the bull by the horns and implemented a new formula for calculating interest rates that was clearly more accurate than the older formulas. Before he did this, he sent some copies of his calculations to his bosses in accounting, and their response was laughter and derision. When he got back to his desk, he found that there were entire shelves of books devoted to explaining how stupid his decision was.

So this is how computer science departments lose their sense of humor. The best advice of all to a student considering a career in this field is to stay curious. Don’t be afraid to follow up on your ideas. Keep experimenting. Get out there and apply yourself. If a successful experiment results in a funny anecdote, turn that into a story in your research paper, and it just might win you the grade of merit that you are after.

A final example of a silly computer quote would have to be the “Babbage brain” speech. This was given at the Computers and Education Association meeting and was meant to inspire students to build better, more creative computers. The speaker was John Chalmers Moore, who was also known for his eccentric speeches about computing. In this speech he not only quoted the Babbage computer myth but also included a picture of a Babbage brain with wires sticking out of it. Many people who have seen the picture have commented that they would have made a great computer.

The point here is that if you are going to become a computer science major, you may as well try to get in on some of the fun. There is no real competition for a funny quote or a funny picture among computer science majors. There is only competition for papers and projects, though that can be exciting, too. Computer science is hard work, but that is what makes it interesting to others. Computer science is definitely a program for fun.